Slide and swing with top track – Marble series (standard)


$379.05 excl. GST

AL series Aluminium Composite – Aluminium composite cladding panel feature a composite core (often made of polyethylene, a highly combustible and flam made construction material) between two thin layer of aluminium


PH Series Phenolic Panel – Phenolic panel are flat panel base on thermosetting resins, homogeneously reinforced with wood fibre and manufactured under high pressure and temperature. Using special techniques, the panel have integrated, decorative surface with pigment resins

FOC: Installation, disposal and site measurement.

Measurement: Size up to 3ft x 7ft x 36mm

Price listed is for 1 door. Free shipping for purchase of 2 doors and above. Price excludes GST.

Our sales coordinator will be in touch with you to confirm your choice of panel and frame.


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