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WIW Accessories – Ironing Board

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Pre order , lead time 6-8 weeks upon confirmation
Functional Features

Simple, reasonable use of space, hidden folding, and rotation. Easy to use.Pre order , lead time 6-8 weeks upon confirmation
To achieve a butter damping effect under the stretch process, set up with a high-grade gas spring.
FEATURESPre order , lead time 6-8 weeks upon confirmation
The product panel can be rotated 90 degrees. Push-pull folding, pull out, and turn when used.
Fold back when not used.
Fine canvas with a built-in sponge. Multi-layered wood composite plate + stainless steel. ABS
plastic: impact resistance, heat resistance, low-temperature resistance, chemical resistance.
The installation is simple, convenient, and fast and only a few screws are needed.
Color – Supreme Grey Roman Orange
Size – 295 x 430 x 140 (mm)
Cabinet (W)

Available on backorder

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