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SCHLAGE Digital Door Lock S-510F (Rim Lock)

SKU: S-510F


Model: S-510F (Rim Lock)

Features: -Fingerprint Up-to 50

-Card Up-to 20

-Pin Code Up-to 10 (6-12 Digits Each)

-One time Code

-Manager Code

-Manager Card Up-to 3

-Volume Control

-Check Battery Capacity

-Voice Guide

-Mute Function Unlock From Outdoor

-Remote Control (Optional)

Dimension (W x H x D)

Front Body: 74 x 184 x 20.7mm

Back Body: 160 x 93 x 37mm

Bracket: 30.1 x 124 x 28mm

Door Thickness: 40-50mm

Backset: 64mm or 89mm

Note :

Additional of $50 for Arrive but no installation

1. Change of model

2. Unable to install

3. Missed appointment

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